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(What you don’t know will cost you!)

What else can we see? 
Cars in a parking lot.  One car is “Hot” indicating it was recently running.

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Most of our business is from companies wanting to extend the service life of their roof.  This keeps roofs in service longer and out of the landfills.  When the time comes for a major roof replacement infrared scanning is part of the replacement process.

This allows an owner to replace only those roofing materials that are damaged. The remaining serviceable roofing components can be used in a new roof.  This is the ultimate green recycling program; it saves both natural resources and labor costs.

It’s all in the details: Infrared technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. But beware!  Recently there has been a flood of inexpensive low-resolution cameras on the market. Our camera is sensitive enough to show a clear, detailed picture of the problems in your roof. At this time only government agencies have access to better equipment. 

If you want a quote or just want to know what Infrared technology can do for you, please call us at 617-227-1100.  We would be glad to discuss what Infrared can do for you.