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A tool for making you building more energy efficient 

Dark area in the corner and on the ceiling and the grey shadow on the wall was eventually found to be the result of a water leak that was otherwise undetectable

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Infrared scanning can be a useful tool, even after an owner feels they are not getting the energy savings that they anticipated.  An infrared scan of newly installed windows will detect if they are performing properly by viewing both sash and the frames.  It can also detect contributing issues, like proper fit of  the sash in the frame, missing sealant at joints, damaged, or missing gaskets and even a lack of insulation in the cavity around a window.  These are all problems that can cause even a top quality window to perform poorly.

Eisenberg Haven Architects can scan your building and show you where the areas of greatest heat loss are occurring.  A building scan is usually performed at dawn and includes both the interior and the exterior of a building.  This is the optimal time to see where heat is escaping the building’s exterior because the scan has to be done before the building is exposed to sunlight.  This will prevent the results from being skewed by the infrared energy that the building will have absorbed from the sun.  Even ambient sunlight will cause the effectiveness of the scan to be diminished.

If you are interested in knowing more about what infrared scanning can do for you, please contact us.


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